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    Have a few problems in China's Bronze Valves industry, production and sales growth, no matter domestic orders, or foreign orders are in different degree of decline, the domestic many involved in real estate recession, domestic Valves have also been declining sales, a sharp drop in production tasks. And due to the international market downturn, export enterprises to do foreign trade business has also suffered, order is not enough, a lot of drop in export business order.

    For Bronze Valves the benign development of the industry, we suggest:

    A, adjust product structure, to develop high-grade products

    In the current under the condition of rising production costs, enterprises should strengthen technological upgrading and development, improve the technological content of products, and strengthen the brand construction, to avoid vicious competition, and expand the development space of the enterprise. In addition, high-grade sanitary ware, hardware accessories belong to the state encourages the development of industry, if the enterprise production of high-grade valve, its imports of production equipment may also enjoy the preferential shall be exempted from customs duties and VAT.

    Second, the development of processing trade, reduce the production cost, reduce the pressure of tax refund

    It is understood that Bronze Valves exports such as to carry out the processing trade, can reduce raw material costs per ton of RMB 500-1000. At the same time, the processing trade shall pursue a policy of "no sign no retreat", processing trade exports do not increase the export tax rebate of local fiscal burden. Therefore, to carry out the processing trade can also make the enterprise from the effects of export tax rebate difficult.

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